Enjoy a holiday of a lifetime on The Golden Chariot, an affordable luxury train in India

Enjoy a holiday of a lifetime on The Golden Chariot, an affordable luxury train in India

Coronavirus has disrupted the otherwise happy world of travellers as most of us are staying at home and practising social distancing. But who can stop those wanderers that are bitten by the travel bug. If you have also been sitting at home, daydreaming about taking the most epic vacation of your life once this pandemic is behind us, then we have a recommendation for you.

Welcome to the world of The Golden Chariot, a train that is all set to transform luxury train travel experience in India. As one of the best luxury trains in India, it is well-equipped with luxury salons, fine dining restaurants, bar cum lounges, a rejuvenating spa, a compact fitness hub and even a business centre. All this on a train! Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? But if you want more reasons on why a Golden Chariot Train journey is the perfect post-lockdown plan, then here you go.

Reasons to Choose The Golden Chariot Train journey

  1. Affordable Luxury: While not the cheapest luxury train in India, The Golden Chariot is as reasonably priced as it gets. Many of us have this unattainable fantasy of travelling like royalty but one look at the tariff and those dreams go out the window. We assure you that this will not be the case with The Golden Chariot. Even though the train is exquisitely decorated and you are given the best of facilities, it is pocket-friendly. Be prepared to meet the highest quality of hospitality, fully-stocked bars, aromatic spas, lavish rooms, butler services and whatnot on one of the best luxury trains in India. Want to know how much The Golden Chariot experience will cost you? Find out here.
  2. Fascinating Destinations: Whenever one thinks of luxury train travel in India, we are instantly reminded of various heritage tours. If you want to take a luxury train trip that showcases not only culture and heritage but also the natural grandeur of South India, then this is perfect for you. The lush coffee plantations, the azure seas and palm-fringed beaches add so much more to this journey. It is truly a perfect mix of art, history and nature which is what makes the Golden Chariot journey suitable for all kinds of travellers. Want to take a look at the train’s three remarkable itineraries? Get their details here.
  3. Comfortable Travel: At no point in the journey will your comfort be compromised. From grand bedrooms to grander restaurants, everything on the train will remind you of 5-star hotels. The decor of the train is inspired by renowned South Indian palaces and architectural wonders; making it a joy to ride on. All you have to do is pack your bags and hop on, the rest will be taken care of by the train’s competent and friendly staff. Can’t wait to explore the train and know about all its unique features? Read about them here and get even more excited to travel on the best luxury train in India.

Is this enough to inspire your next quarantine daydream? Then look no further, book yourThe Golden Chariot train journey tickets for the upcoming holiday season now! After all, you do need something to look forward to and what can be better than travelling on the best luxury train in India? To know more about The Golden Chariot, visit www.goldenchariot.org.