Golden Tag: 4 Most Loved Destinations on the Route

As the wheels of luxury set in motion, the Golden Chariot emerges as the epitome of opulence, offering an enchanting journey through South India. Recognized as one of the most luxurious trains in India, the Golden Chariot weaves through some of the best train routes in the country, unveiling the richness of culture and heritage. In this Golden Tag expedition, we unravel the allure of the 4 most loved destinations along the route.

1. Mysuru: The Royal Abode
The journey includes Mysuru, the city of palaces and royalty. As the Golden Chariot departs from Bengaluru, it takes you to Mysuru, where the opulence of the past comes alive. Explore the grandeur of the Mysuru Palace, witness the splendor of the Chamundi Hills, and delve into the cultural tapestry of this royal city. Mysuru is a destination that seamlessly blends history and charm, making it a beloved stop on the Golden Chariot train route.

2. Hampi: A Journey Through Ruins and Tales
The Golden Chariot also winds its way to Hampi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that narrates tales of the Vijayanagara Empire. As you step off the train, you are greeted by the ancient ruins that transport you back in time. The Virupaksha Temple, Vijaya Vittala Temple, and the Lotus Mahal stand as testaments to the architectural brilliance of the bygone era. Hampi, with its mystical landscapes and historical wonders, is another beloved destination on the Golden Chariot’s route.

3. Goa: Coastal Haven of Serenity
In one of its itineraries, namely the ‘Pride of Karnataka’, the Golden Chariot continues its journey to the vibrant and laid-back paradise of Goa. Known for its pristine beaches, vibrant culture, and Portuguese architecture, Goa offers a refreshing contrast to the historical richness experienced earlier in the journey. Whether you choose to explore the historic churches or stroll through the charming streets of Old Goa, this coastal haven is a cherished stop on the Golden Chariot train route.

4. Kochi: Where Tradition Meets Modernity
Guests who choose the ’Jewels of South’ itinerary are taken to Kochi, a city that beautifully balances tradition and modernity. Explore the Chinese Fishing Nets, Visit Mattancherry Palace in Fort Kochi, wander through the spice markets, and immerse yourself in the cultural diversity of Fort Kochi. The syncretic blend of influences in Kochi makes it a perfect culmination of the Golden Chariot journey, leaving travelers with memories of a seamless blend of opulence and cultural exploration.

Golden Tag: An Unforgettable Journey
As the Golden Chariot weaves through these 4 most loved destinations, it leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of travelers. This Golden Tag journey is more than just a train ride, it’s an immersive experience into the heart of South India’s cultural tapestry. The opulence of the Golden Chariot and the charm of these destinations come together to create an unforgettable expedition.

A Tapestry of Opulence and Culture
Through myriad destinations in different journeys such as Mysuru, Hampi, Goa, and Kochi, this Golden Tag expedition unveils the soul of South India, combining opulence and culture in perfect harmony. Embark on this unparalleled journey, savor the richness of the best train routes in India, and let the Golden Chariot redefine your perception of luxury train travel.

Picture Perfect Moments with The Golden Chariot Train

Embarking on the Golden Chariot luxury train unveils an extraordinary journey that transcends the ordinary, promising passengers a voyage through the opulent landscapes of South India. Renowned as one of the best train rides in India, this regal expedition is a symphony of luxury, cultural immersion, and breathtaking vistas, creating picture-perfect moments that linger in the memory long after the journey concludes.

The Golden Chariot: A Culmination of Luxury and Heritage

As a pinnacle of luxurious train journeys in India, the Golden Chariot stands as a testament to opulence and heritage. Its regal carriages, adorned with intricate detailing and modern amenities, redefine the art of travel. Each cabin is a sanctuary of comfort, providing a plush retreat as the train meanders through the vibrant landscapes of South India. This journey is more than a passage. It is an odyssey through the Jewel of South, offering a window into the cultural richness and historical grandeur of the region.

Best Train Rides in India: A Visual Feast

The Golden Chariot, often celebrated among the best train rides in India, takes passengers on a visual feast through the heartland of the South. The ‘Jewels of South’ itinerary unravels a tapestry of experiences, from the majestic palaces of Mysore to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Hampi. The train effortlessly glides through lush landscapes, verdant plantations, and historical marvels, presenting a kaleidoscope of scenic beauty that captivates every traveler’s soul.

Luxurious Train Journey in India: A Symphony of Comfort and Service

Aboard the Golden Chariot, the journey is as luxurious as the destinations it covers. The train boasts two thematic restaurants, Nala and Ruchi, serving an exquisite array of culinary delights that reflect the diverse flavors of South India. The royal treatment extends beyond gastronomy. It’s woven into the fabric of impeccable service provided by an attentive staff, ensuring that every need is anticipated and met with grace. The train’s amenities, including a rejuvenating spa, well-equipped gym, and a lounge for socializing, redefine the concept of luxury travel.

Golden Chariot Jewels of South: The Itinerary Unveiled

The ‘Golden Chariot Jewels of South‘ itinerary is a carefully curated expedition that introduces passengers to the cultural, historical, and natural wonders of South India. From Bengaluru, the Silicon Valley of India, the train embarks on a journey to Mysore, known for its regal palace and vibrant markets. Hampi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, mesmerizes with its ancient ruins and boulder-strewn landscapes. The journey continues to Badami, Pattadakal, and Goa, showcasing the architectural splendors and coastal allure of the region.

Capturing Moments: The Essence of the Golden Chariot Experience

What sets the Golden Chariot apart is its ability to craft moments that linger as cherished memories. Whether it’s sipping a cup of fine South Indian coffee as the train traverses the Nilgiri Hills or exploring the intricacies of historical sites with expert guides, each moment is a brushstroke in the canvas of a truly immersive experience. The luxurious train journey through South India becomes a personal narrative, where every photo taken encapsulates the grandeur and charm of the Jewel of the South.

In Conclusion: A Regal Canvas Unveiled

The Golden Chariot luxury train, with its ‘Jewels of South‘ itinerary, is more than a mode of transportation. It is a living testament to the rich tapestry of South India. Passengers are not just spectators, they are active participants in a journey that unveils the cultural, historical, and natural treasures of the region. From regal palaces to ancient ruins, from lush landscapes to coastal vistas, the Golden Chariot crafts picture-perfect moments that transform a luxurious train journey into an indelible chapter in the traveler’s story.

Experience the Best of Train Luxury aboard the Golden Chariot

Quietly viewing the scenery change from lush green rural areas to populated urban areas and back again has a unique appeal that never fails to mesmerise a train traveller. Especially when those sceneries include monuments from the culturally diverse region of South India aboard one of the finest luxury trains of the region. The IRCTC-operated Golden Chariot offers the best of train luxury, to ensure a smooth and memorable journey on and off the train.

The train exudes luxury in each and every carriage with its unique decor and exclusive facilities that go beyond the basic and into the extraordinary. The combination of our well-planned itineraries and amenities has helped us gain much fame and recognition among tourists across the globe.

Here are some luxuries you can enjoy when travelling with The Golden Chariot:

Luxurious Accommodation

Inspired by and named after the dynasties that once ruled the southern Indian states ages ago, our carriages exude grandeur in every inch. Each passenger carriage has four air-conditioned cabins, totalling forty-four cabins. These are divided into thirty twin-bed rooms, thirteen double-bed rooms and one cabin for persons with disabilities.

Each cabin is spacious with an area of 67.5 sq ft (approx. 6 sq m), allowing for easy movement. The rooms are equipped with en suite bathrooms with WC and hot and cold water supply, complimentary WiFi, a range of toiletries and television.

The cosy rooms are perfect for a restful night after a day filled with adventure and to prepare for another adventure with the best luxury train in the world.

Fine Dining Restaurants

With two fine-dining restaurant carriages named Ruchi and Nalapaka, you can expect your dining experiences to be nothing less than exquisite. Ruchi means taste while Nalapaka is a combination of Nala (a legendary chef from the Mahabharata) and Paka meaning cuisine.

True to their names, the restaurants serve passengers only the finest of a wide range of cuisines including Indian, Chinese and Continental. The meals are prepared by an experienced team of chefs using fresh, locally sourced ingredients, adding a gourmet touch to your journey. The elegant decor only adds to the fine dining ambience of the restaurants.


With an interior inspired by Mysore Palace, the Madira bar is a fine example of the luxuries afforded by a Goa luxury train. The splendid bar allows passengers to relax while enjoying the outside view and socialising with fellow travellers.

Spa Cum Gym

The Arogya Spa cum Fitness Center is a unique train luxury that intrigues many passengers. Most travellers can appreciate having a spa onboard after spending an eventful day exploring the many wonders of India. The spa room has two tables upon which you can relax as you avail of traditional Indian and modern massage therapies and feel rejuvenated.

The exercise room has been fitted with modern fitness machines that can really help you build up a sweat. It’s a great option for fitness enthusiasts who’d rather not miss skip their fitness routine even when on a vacation away from home.

Top-Notch Service

Our top-notch service is what truly sets us apart from the rest of the luxury trains in the world as we strive to provide personalised service to each passenger and ensure that every aspect of their journey is taken care of.

Our dedicated butlers are available at all times on the train to assist you during your stay. The staff is trained, polite and dedicated to ensuring that you feel pampered throughout the journey. Those journeying to explore the rich heritage of the region will appreciate having a dedicated team of guides along the way.

So, if you want to hop aboard one of the most luxurious trains in South India, all you need to do is visit the official website of the Golden Chariot Train at Simply click on ‘Book Now’ and follow the simple instructions to get tickets for this extraordinary journey!

Most Famous Indian Luxury Trains in the World

With a myriad of popular tourist attractions and one of the largest railway networks worldwide, it makes sense for India to have some of the finest luxury trains in the world such as The Golden Chariot and Maharajas’ Express.

The concept of a luxury train is attractive to anyone who wants to explore various destinations while relaxing in a cosy train cabin with luxurious amenities.

And The Golden Chariot is one of the best options for those who wish to explore iconic landmarks in South India, ranging from UNESCO World Heritage Sites to hidden gems that take the breath away. It’s also one of the cosiest train rides you can have owing to the facilities offered such as the exquisite cuisine or the exemplary cabins.

Here’s why many consider The Golden Chariot to be the best luxury train in the world:

Luxurious Accommodation

When it comes to the cosiness of the train, luxury exudes from everywhere, thanks to the interiors inspired by the carvings of the 12th-century Hoysala Temple. The train has 44 air-conditioned cabins consisting of 30 twin-bedded cabins, 13 double-bedded cabins and one cabin for the physically challenged. Each cabin is elegantly decorated, spacious and equipped with a private bathroom, WiFi and television. It is perfect for a restful night onboard before an adventurous day.

Exquisite Dining Experience

The train features two fine dining restaurants, Nalapaka and Ruchi, where passengers can enjoy meals in a lavish setting complete with fine china, crystal glassware and beautiful cutlery. You can savour the finest Indian and international-style dishes prepared by expert chefs using the freshest ingredients.

Iconic Landmarks

The carefully planned itineraries are among the best aspects of travelling aboard The Golden Chariot as they include a combination of sightseeing activities, exciting excursions, luxurious experiences and thrilling adventures. The itineraries feature UNESCO World Heritage Sites (like Hampi), beautiful national treasures, local sights and cultural activities.

Onboard Recreational Activities

There is a lot to do aboard the train with its range of activities and entertainment options when you aren’t exploring local sights. The gorgeous Madira bar lets you relax and socialize with co-passengers while basking in the marvellous sights you may come across on your luxury trip in South India. You can refresh your mind with a massage at Arogya after a tiring day of exploration off-board, or keep up with your fitness routine with the amazing exercise equipment.

Guided Excursions

Our dedicated team of guides provide insights into the history and culture of the spots on the itinerary, ensuring that your journey is nothing less than enlightening. This is perfect for you if you love travelling to explore the unique heritage of different places. Along with the services of a guide, the guided off-train excursions also include entrance fees, still camera fees and transport.


The safety of passengers aboard The Golden Chariot train is of utmost importance to us. The train features electronic lockers in each cabin for your valuables, CCTV cameras, 24/7 surveillance and smoke alarms. You can also avail of paramedic services on board in case of emergencies.

Exemplary Service

We take immense pride in offering personalized service to each and every passenger, ensuring that every aspect of the journey is taken care of. Each member of our staff is courteous, attentive and dedicated to making you feel pampered and comfortable. Our trained team of butlers are available to assist you 24/7. We provide porterage at stations for your convenience.

These factors and more make The Golden Chariot one of the finest luxury trains in the world to travel on. Visit to learn more or book your journey.

What Makes the Golden Chariot One of The Best Luxury Trains in the World

The Golden Chariot is an Indian luxury train that has been operating since 2008. It takes passengers on a journey through the southern part of India, showcasing the rich history and culture of the region. Over the years, this special tourist train run and operated by IRCTC has gained a reputation as one of the best luxury trains in the world, and for good reason. If you are curious to find out what makes the Golden Chariot so extraordinary and why it is a must-try for luxury train enthusiasts, then this blog is for you. Read on.

First and foremost, the Golden Chariot boasts luxurious accommodations that are fit for royalty. The train has a total of 44 cabins that are elegantly designed with plush furnishings and modern amenities. Each cabin is air-conditioned and equipped with a private bathroom, a writing desk, a wardrobe, and a minibar. The cabins are spacious and offer ample storage space for luggage, making it easy for passengers to relax and feel at home.

The train also features two restaurants namely Nalapaka and Ruchi that offer a wide range of culinary delights. The restaurants serve a mix of Indian and international cuisine, prepared by expert chefs who use only the freshest ingredients. Passengers can enjoy their meals in a lavish setting, complete with fine china, crystal glassware, and beautiful cutlery. The train also has a lounge bar named Madira that serves a selection of premium wines, spirits, and cocktails.

Apart from the luxurious accommodations and dining options, the Golden Chariot is also known for its exceptional service. The staff is highly trained to cater to every need of the passengers, ensuring that they have a comfortable and enjoyable experience. The train also offers a range of amenities, including a spa known as Arogya, a gym cum fitness center, and a selection of good reads, providing passengers with ample opportunities for relaxation and entertainment.

One of the most unique aspects of the Golden Chariot is the itinerary it follows. The train takes passengers on a journey through some of the most beautiful and historic destinations in southern India. Although there are different itineraries for tourists to choose from, each one is an eclectic mix of sightseeing activities, exciting excursions, luxury experiences, thrilling adventures, and lots more. The itineraries also include visits to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as Hampi, Pattadakal, and the Brihadeeswarar Temple in Thanjavur. Passengers also get to explore the beautiful natural treasures, the local sights, and the rich culture and traditions of the region.

Another reason why the Golden Chariot is one of the best luxury trains in the world is its attention to detail. The train has been designed to showcase the unique cultural heritage of southern India, with each cabin and public space featuring intricate designs and artwork inspired by the region. The train also has a dedicated team of guides who provide passengers with insights into the history and culture of each destination, making the journey an enriching and educational experience.

The Golden Chariot Train is a true masterpiece of luxury train travel as it offers one of the best train journeys in India. It combines luxurious accommodations, exceptional service, and an unforgettable itinerary to create an experience that is truly unique. The IRCTC tourist train offers a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of southern India, taking passengers on a journey of a lifetime. Whether you’re a luxury train enthusiast or simply looking for a unique travel experience, the Golden Chariot is a must-try. Ready to travel aboard one of the best tourist trains in India? Complete your booking today at

Rejuvenate Your Mind, Body & Soul aboard The Most Luxurious Train in India, The Golden Chariot

I felt my lungs inflate with the onset of scenery- air, mountains, trees, people. I thought ‘this is what it is to be happy.” – Sylvia Plath

There are moments in life that fill us with unbridled joy and spiritual bliss, the picture-perfect moments that are captured in the mind’s eye forever. For a traveller, these moments can be felt while discovering a hidden gem. Ardent travelers can spend hours and days searching for that perfect destination or that one journey where they can live and relive that moment and revive their mind, body and spirit. In the quest for that surreal destination, some stumble upon India.

The raw natural beauty of India captures the heart of every traveler. The snow-capped peaks of Himalayas, long stretches of the coastline, clusters of cultural heritage or the depth of spirituality, the myriad facets of our multicoloured country change at every turn. The essence and roots of healing lie deep within India, the ancient country that introduced yoga and Ayurveda to the world. With its balmy oceanic air, a soothing atmosphere, ayurvedic massages and little alcoves of greenery, South India is the perfect destination for a rejuvenating holiday. If you’re dreaming about dedicating an entire holiday to the wellness of your mind, body and spirit, then there is nothing better than a journey on The Golden Chariot Train, the most luxurious train in South India. A journey that’s marked by those kaleidoscopic memories of wonder and the magic.


The excitement of boarding a luxury train modelled after a royal lifestyle knows no bounds. After all, getting a chance to travel like royalty doesn’t come too often in life. From the minute you begin your journey on one of the top luxury trains in India, you will forget about the humdrum of everyday life. Despite being one of the cheapest luxury trains in India, The Golden Chariot Train boasts impressive interiors that are designed after the times of ancient dynasties that once ruled South India. Admiring each nook and cranny of the train is an adventure in itself because wherever you look, there is something to catch the eye.


With a plasma TV, wifi, fully air-conditioned cabins, private attached bathrooms, a writing desk, a big window, wardrobe and soft comfortable beds, The Golden Chariot Train is the perfect place to unwind. And when you want to relieve your stress, there is a well-equipped wellness centre where guests can enjoy a soothing spa and undertake relaxing Ayurvedic massages. While the train chugs away to its next stop, guests can let go of all the tension and feel recharged for the upcoming adventures only at Arogaya.


Let the Golden Chariot’s expert planners, tour guides and staff take care of the day’s itinerary as you simply live in the moment and capture the beauty of each heritage site and architectural marvel. More than the brilliant works of arts that you’ll get to witness on this luxury train trip, it is the wilds of South India that offer such a refreshing retreat. Whether it is enjoying a jungle safari at Bandipur National park or floating on a gorgeous houseboat on the serene waters of Kumarakom or taking a walk amidst the greenery of Chikmagalur, this trip is rife with exciting activities that will bring you closer to nature and appreciate all its glory in real form.

Travelling on one of the top luxury trains in India is not just about being treated like royalty and visiting select destinations. It is a wholesome experience that replenishes your mind, body and soul. While the list of luxury trains in India includes many spectacular trains, no journey captures the true essence of South India quite like The Golden Chariot Train. Being the most luxurious train in India, The Golden Chariot Train embodies everything the Deccan is proud of – a rich history, a splendid legacy and abundant nature. To book a magical retreat on this unique train and avail exciting offers up for grabs for both Indian Nationals & others, visit website.

*The above details/itinerary/destination are subject to change. Please refer Golden Chariot’s official website i.e. for more information.

How to Book a Luxury Train Journeys in India on The Golden Chariot Train

New year is just around the corner and everyone is busy thinking about the best way to bid adieu to 2020 and welcome 2021. After confining ourselves to the four walls of our homes for most of the year, it is finally time to let loose and explore incredible vacations. But can this happen safely in a world exposed to the Covid-19 virus? We have an answer that will instantly fill you with thrill and excitement. A luxury train journeys India is a magical experience that you will cherish for years to come and a perfect holiday that can be enjoyed with your loved ones safely. Here’s how you can book a dreamy getaway on one of the most extraordinary Indian luxury trains, The Golden Chariot Train.

  1. To get started, visit the official Golden Chariot website i.e. using a smartphone, tablet or laptop.
  2. Once you land on the homepage of The Golden Chariot Train, click on the ‘Book Now’ button that appears on the top right corner of the screen.
  3. You will be redirected to the ‘Reserve Your Tour’ section of the website. Here you need to select one of the three itineraries, ‘Pride of Karnataka With Goa (7D/6N)’, ‘Jewels of South (7D/6N)’ or ‘Glimpses of Karnataka (4D/3N)’ and also enter a relevant departure date. Follow this by specifying the number of rooms you would like to book on one of the best luxury trains in India.
  4. Next, you have to select the cabin type from the choices given- ‘Deluxe Cabin Twin’ and ‘Deluxe Cabin Double’ and also select the number of adults and children travelling.
  5. After entering all the relevant details, you have to click on ‘proceed’ and a ‘Reserve Your Term’ pop-up window will appear on the screen. From there, you will have to choose your preferred currency depending on whether you will be paying in Indian rupees (INR) or US dollars (USD).
  6. Once you choose the preferred mode of payment, you will get one last chance to review your booking along with a detailed itinerary of the trip.
  7. If you are satisfied with all the details and don’t want to make any changes to the booking, you can proceed with the payment.
  8. IRCTC users can log into their existing account using their credentials whereas non-IRCTC users can create a guest account and verify their details.
  9. In the final step, all you need to do is fill in the travellers’ information, complete payment and your booking on Indian luxury train, The Golden Chariot will be confirmed shortly.

Luxury train travel in India is synonymous with panoramic views of the gorgeous landscape, excellent services aboard and a whole lot of pampering. But with a unique train like The Golden Chariot, you get even more. Traversing through the beautiful cities and quiet towns of South India, this journey is more than just a holiday. It is an enriching experience that will scintillate your senses and leave you awestruck. The tour gives an amazing insight into South India’s culture, history, architecture, heritage, cuisine and lots more. While there are several luxury trains by the Indian Railways, it is The Golden Chariot Train, which exhibits the beauty of South India. If you are worried about your safety and health while travelling on this elegantly designed train, we can assure you there’s nothing to lose your sleep over. Stringent health & safety procedures have been put in place to ensure you a safe & worry-free travel. To match the needs of the new normal, our staff has been trained to adhere to all the protocols necessary for your well-being. Regular temperature check of the staff, deep-cleaning & sanitisation of all the cabins, luggage rooms, toilets, pantry, and vehicles used for transferring guests from one destination another etc., has been included as part of everyday routine. To book an unsurpassed luxury train journey in India, visit website and discover a special surprise from us that will make your holidays truly unforgettable!

*The above details/itinerary/destination are subject to change. Please refer Golden Chariot’s official website i.e. for more information.

Embark on a Luxury Train Journey to Hampi & Explore the ‘Jewels of South’ with The Golden Chariot

One of the most significant archaeological sites in India, Hampi has caught the fancy of many historians and backpackers. If you wish to undertake a luxury train journey to Hampi, then get onboard The Golden Chariot Train and explore the wonders of South India like never before!

Jewels of South (7 Days/ 6 Nights)

As the name suggests, this mesmerising itinerary takes tourists on a thrilling adventure across some of South India’s most popular destinations. Let’s take a look at these places in a little more detail.

  • Bangalore: Starting the train journey from Bangalore, The Golden Chariot Train keeps up a slow rhythmic pace, giving travellers ample opportunity to enjoy the spellbinding views from inside the train.
  • Mysore: The first destination on this charming train ride is the historic ‘City of Palaces’, Mysore. With its dazzling royal heritage, intricate architectural monuments and famous silk sarees; it is one of the most interesting tourist sites in India. A must-visit destination is the Mysore Palace, a spectacularly opulent structure displaying Indo-Saracenic architecture. The brilliance of this palace becomes tenfold more exciting during Dussehra celebrations when it is beautifully lit up with lights making for a visual treat. After giving you a fill of this royal paradise, the luxury train journey proceeds to its next destination, which is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of
  • Hampi: The former capital of the Vijayanagar Empire, nestled in the depth of hills and valleys, Hampi is bound to capture your attention with its captivating ruins. A walk around this open art museum with its long lost temples, ancient monuments and hidden treasures is a historian’s dream come true. After this walk down an era of glory and grandeur, guests can opt for an excursion to Anegundi followed by a relishing meal on the train or can return to the train to indulge in some me time by either sipping some interesting cocktails in our well-decorated bar Madira or undergoing a refreshing massage at our charming onboard ayurvedic spa- Aarogya.
  • Mahabalipuram: On the third day of this beautiful journey, the train reaches Chengalpattu railway station so that guests can visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Shore Temple. This former abode of the demon king Mahabali captures every traveller’s heart with its serene atmosphere, white sandy beaches lined with casuarina trees and the renowned rock-cut temples.
  • Thanjavur & Chettinad: Guests can lose themselves in this city of temples and a sea of cultural treasures while walking through the lanes of Thanjavur, admiring the famous Tanjore paintings, antiques, handicrafts, textiles, temples and carnatic musical instruments. The Brihadeswara temple with its gorgeous Dravidian architecture is sure to leave an indelible mark on your travel memories. Chettinad with its larger-than-life mansions and mouth-watering cuisine is equally delightful.
  • Cochin: A cosmopolitan town with upscale markets, quiet beaches, art galleries tucked away in corners and magnificent temples, Cochin is the true amalgamation of vintage and modern. Also known as ‘Queen of the Arabian’, it is an important port city. The Golden Chariot Train guests can visit the Mattancherry Palace in Fort Cochin followed by witnessing a wonderful dance performance at an exclusive venue. They can also opt for an excursion to see the famous Chinese fishing nets and St. Francis Church or simply enjoy some quiet time on the train.
  • Kumarakom: India’s very own ‘Little Venice’, Kumakarom is a favourite haunt among nature enthusiasts. In the final leg of the journey, guests can retreat in this natural haven and enjoy a cruise on its soothing backwaters. After a fulfilling day of scenic views and pure bliss, the train will proceed towards Bangalore.

If you are an Indian National looking to book The Golden Chariot Train journey, you can also avail 35% off on the published tariff by making direct bookings through the official website. There are special promo offers also up for grabs on the website that you can choose based on your liking. Excited to book this relaxing luxury train journey to Hampi and beyond? Complete your booking for the season 2020-21, 2021-22 or 2022-23 today and redeem exclusive offers. To get your hands on this tour package now, click here.

*The above details/itinerary/destination are subject to change. Please refer Golden Chariot’s official website i.e. for more information.

What Makes Golden Chariot so Special to be one of the Top Luxury Trains in India

A major attraction for tourists all over the world, the top luxury trains in India float majestically to exotic destinations offering the most exclusive and culturally rich experience of all time. Most of these luxury trains circuit through parts of North India even as the glorious natural beauty of the South remains untouched. If you prefer to walk across uncharted terrain, then South India’s only luxury train, The Golden Chariot should be your choice. Bathed in rich colours of deep gold and purple, the beautiful yet soft exterior of the train will instantly catch your fancy. Named after the well-known chariot sculpture in Hampi, its tasteful interiors inspired by South Indian architecture make it a delightful mode of travel.

From the carefully prepared food to the luxuriously decorated cabins, Golden Chariot can be an overwhelming experience for the senses. It is no wonder then that the train has easily made it to the top of the list of luxury trains in India. Passing through the resplendent surroundings of lush green forests and enchanting waterfalls, the journey is a visual treat full of picture-perfect moments. Apart from the royal accommodation and scintillating views, there are four more special features of The Golden Chariot that you will not find anywhere else. Here’s a look at these exceptional parts of the train.

  1. Arogaya: If you’ve ever wanted to enjoy an all-natural ayurvedic spa on the rails, then Arogaya is everything you have ever dreamt of and more. Infused with the soothing aroma of flowers and all things natural, it is a dedicated space for complete relaxation and rejuvenation. From the minute you step foot into this spa, you will be assuaged by a feeling of peace and calm. This is the place where you leave all your worries behind and just live in the moment, enjoying the most amazing of luxury holidays.
  2. Nalapaka: One of the best things about a holiday is that you get to try food from new and different cuisines as your daily diets go for a toss. Nalapaka is a fine dining restaurant on the train with breathtaking interiors that resembles some of the most beautiful palaces of South India. And the food served in this posh restaurant is prepared by expert chefs who dish out such exquisite food preparations that your taste buds will be pleasantly surprised.
  3. Madira: What’s a holiday without a little bit of celebration? After all, we all go on vacations to truly let go and have the best time of our lives. Keeping this in mind, The Golden Chariot has an elegantly designed bar-cum-lounge known as Madira where spirits are always high and woes are kept at bay. Well-stocked with an assortment of the best of wines and spirits, it is ideally suited for fun-filled evenings with loud chatter and unforgettable memories.
  4. Ruchi: Another multi-cuisine restaurant aboard The Golden Chariot, this one makes for a perfect backdrop if you want to plan a romantic dinner date with your partner. The ever-changing landscape, the warm ambience and flavoursome food, all come together to make Ruchi the charming restaurant on wheels it is. So, steal some heavenly moments here with your travel companion and get a chance to appreciate the little joys of life that make a world of difference!

As one of the top luxury trains in india and the only one in South India, The Golden Chariot has a tall order to fulfil. But the unique design of the train, its carefully selected destinations and unique features ensure that the train gets a top spot in the list of luxury trains in India. If you have always wanted to undertake a luxury train trip, then here is your chance to book that journey at an irresistible price. Unlock one of our exclusive offers today and make this gorgeous train journey even more remarkable! For bookings and offer details, visit official website.

How to Get Your Hands on a Golden Chariot Luxury Train Ticket

Getting your hands on a Golden Chariot luxury train ticket is an amazing feeling. We all have read about the extravagant lives of Indian royalty and we are just in awe of it all. So, finally getting a chance to experience this grandeur, first hand, seems like a pinch-me moment. But that’s the beauty of The Golden Chariot Train. It gives regular people an opportunity to feel and live like royalty without stretching their finances thin. Once you look at the kind of facilities available on board, the Golden Chariot luxury train rates will seem puny in comparison.

The monotony of everyday life can get to any of us. And the best way to refuel your energy and revive your soul is to embark on an exciting journey full of unexpected moments and experiences that are beyond the everyday. If you think the time is right for the most beautiful holiday of your life, then this is what you need to do.

  1. To get started, visit the official Golden Chariot website i.e. For authentic information, you must depend only on our official website.
  2. Once you land on the home screen, click on the ‘Book Now’ button that appears on the top right corner of the page.
  3. You will arrive on the ‘Reserve Your Tour’ page where you will have to enter the package tour you wish to book, the number of rooms and departure date. After this step, you will have to select the cabin type and also specify the number of adults and kids that will be undertaking this journey with you.
  4. Then click on the ‘proceed’ button and a pop-up window will appear on your screen with ‘Reserve Your Tour Terms’. Do read the terms carefully and if you are satisfied, you can go ahead with the next step.
  5. Select your preferred mode of payment which can be INR or US dollars to move to the next step. Before you choose an option, you can check the Golden Chariot fare in rupees as well as US dollars here.
  6. As soon as you choose a payment mode, you will be presented with a daywise as well as full itinerary along with a review of your booking.
  7. If everything is to your satisfaction, you can click on proceed and if you are an IRCTC user, then you can log into your account using the existing credentials to complete the process.
  8. However, if you do not have an IRCTC account, you can create a guest account and then enter all traveller details in order to move ahead with your bookings.
  9. After you submit all the details and complete the payment process, you will receive a confirmation of your booking.

And we’re sure that the confirmation message will bring a huge smile on your face! After all, the golden chariot train ticket cost is nothing in comparison to the priceless memories you will make during this journey. Before you book, don’t forget to check our offers section and you may find a little surprise to make your journey even better!

For further information and assistance, please feel free to reach out to us at  or call us at +91 8595931021.