Golden Chariot Train Fare & Exclusive Offers

The Golden Chariot is a luxurious train that offers a unique way to experience the beauty of South India. The train offers several different packages, each covering a different itinerary and showcasing the region’s rich history, culture, and natural beauty. If you want to experience the best of South Indian tourism, then there is no better journey than the one offered by IRCTC’s Golden Chariot Tourist Train.

The Golden Chariot train fare for Indian citizens varies depending on the package you choose, the offer you avail, and the season of travel. However, the prices are still reasonable, considering the luxurious amenities and services offered on the train.

Golden Chariot Train Price

Here are the approximate prices for some of the popular packages offered by The Golden Chariot Tourist Train.

Package Tariff For 2023-24 & 2024-2025

(In USD)

Pride of Karnataka (5 Nights/6 Days) Glimpses of Karnataka         (3 Nights/4 Days) Jewels of South                                (5 Nights/6 Days)
Deluxe Cabin USD 4740 USD 3160 USD 4740
Single Supplement USD 3560 USD 2370 USD 3560

Package Tariff For 2023-24 & 2024-2025

(In INR)

Pride of Karnataka          (5 Nights/6 Days) Glimpses of Karnataka        (3 Nights/4 Days) Jewels of South    (5 Nights/6 Days)
Deluxe Cabin 398160 265440 398160
Single Supplement 299040 199080 299040

It is important to note that these prices are inclusive of all meals, accommodation, excursions, and other activities during the journey.

Golden Chariot Train Price in India

The train offers an affordable and convenient way to experience South India, especially for those who want to explore the region in style and comfort. The train offers a luxurious and comfortable journey, complete with fine dining, spacious cabins, and plenty of activities to keep you entertained during the trip.

The Golden Chariot is a luxurious train that offers a unique way to experience the beauty of South India. The train fare for Indian citizens is very reasonable, considering the luxurious amenities and services offered on the train. The exclusive offers for Indian citizens are what shall make you get the most out of your journey. So, if you’re looking for a memorable and comfortable way to explore South India, the Golden Chariot is definitely worth considering. Now that you know the Golden Chariot Train price for Indians and the Golden Chariot Train price in India, you can book your tickets on the official website. You can also check more details on the Golden Chariot Train price, Golden Chariot fare, and the latest offers before completing your booking!

The Golden Chariot Train: Price, Booking, Offers & More

A window to the soul of South India, The Golden Chariot is all about traveling in the company of unbridled luxury & creating unforgettable experiences. Defined by personal attention, a well-defined itinerary & devotion to detail, The Golden Chariot is an ode to the golden age of travel. Offering elegantly furnished 11 luxury saloons, 2 gourmet restaurants, a bar lounge, a mini-gym, an Ayurvedic Spa, and a business center; the train has been designed keeping all your needs in mind. When one looks at the kind of services offered, the Golden Chariot fare seems like a small price to pay. And the Golden Chariot Train price for Indians is even better as we are currently running some promo offers. Find more details at the end of this article. First, let’s take a look at the 5 itineraries.

  • Pride of Karnataka with Goa (7 Days/6 Nights): With temple visits, jungle safaris, heritage site excursions, and cultural activities, this perfectly-planned itinerary offers an unforgettable experience of South India.
  • Jewels of South (7 Days/6 Nights): Bringing together impressive monuments and stunning backwaters, this well-balanced itinerary offers a glimpse of South India’s natural beauty as well as man-made splendor.
  • Glimpses of Karnataka (4 Days/3 Nights): If you want to explore Karnataka in a short time, then this exciting itinerary with bits of adventure, heritage, culture, and history is just perfect for you.
  • Majestic Karnataka (3 Days/2 Nights): Weekend getaway on your mind? Choose this short yet thrilling tour that will take you through Mysore, Hampi, and Goa in just 3 days, that too in complete comfort.
  • Sojourn of India (4 Days/ 3 Nights): Starting from India’s most loved destination, Goa, this train trip will take you to places like Hampi, Chikamgaluru, and Mysore on a deluxe luxury train that is truly one of its kind.

Special Offers for All Nationals for season 2022-23

  1. A 10% discount on the published tariff for all bookings will be applicable on all scheduled departures of Golden Chariot for season 2022-23.
  2. Break journey of 3N/4D, 4N/5D and 5N/6D on all Pride of Karnataka (6N/7D) and Jewels of South (6N/7D) departures of season 2022-23.
Break journey + 10% discount offer Pride of Karnataka / Jewels of South (6N/7D) for season 2022-23_USD
Deluxe CabinFull JourneyBreak Journey on a pro-rata basis
Published Tariff (USD)4725270033754050
Single Supplement (USD)3546202625333039
Break journey + 10% discount offer Pride of Karnataka / Jewels of South (6N/7D) for season 2022-23_INR
Deluxe CabinFull JourneyBreak Journey on pro-rata basis
Published Tariff (INR)396900226800283500340200
Single Supplement (INR)297864170208212760255312
  • 3. Flight + Hotel + Transfer Offer (Direct / Online Bookings only) for the season 2022-23: Pre-Tour one-night stay in Hotel at Bengaluru or Goa on a complimentary basis for the season 2022-23 (for all Nationals).

With these amazing limited-period offers, you can get the best Bangalore to Goa luxury train price. Not only this, you can avail of these offers for part journeys as well. To get started, visit

Rejuvenate Your Mind, Body & Soul aboard The Most Luxurious Train in India, The Golden Chariot

I felt my lungs inflate with the onset of scenery- air, mountains, trees, people. I thought ‘this is what it is to be happy.” – Sylvia Plath

There are moments in life that fill us with unbridled joy and spiritual bliss, the picture-perfect moments that are captured in the mind’s eye forever. For a traveller, these moments can be felt while discovering a hidden gem. Ardent travelers can spend hours and days searching for that perfect destination or that one journey where they can live and relive that moment and revive their mind, body and spirit. In the quest for that surreal destination, some stumble upon India.

The raw natural beauty of India captures the heart of every traveler. The snow-capped peaks of Himalayas, long stretches of the coastline, clusters of cultural heritage or the depth of spirituality, the myriad facets of our multicoloured country change at every turn. The essence and roots of healing lie deep within India, the ancient country that introduced yoga and Ayurveda to the world. With its balmy oceanic air, a soothing atmosphere, ayurvedic massages and little alcoves of greenery, South India is the perfect destination for a rejuvenating holiday. If you’re dreaming about dedicating an entire holiday to the wellness of your mind, body and spirit, then there is nothing better than a journey on The Golden Chariot Train, the most luxurious train in South India. A journey that’s marked by those kaleidoscopic memories of wonder and the magic.


The excitement of boarding a luxury train modelled after a royal lifestyle knows no bounds. After all, getting a chance to travel like royalty doesn’t come too often in life. From the minute you begin your journey on one of the top luxury trains in India, you will forget about the humdrum of everyday life. Despite being one of the cheapest luxury trains in India, The Golden Chariot Train boasts impressive interiors that are designed after the times of ancient dynasties that once ruled South India. Admiring each nook and cranny of the train is an adventure in itself because wherever you look, there is something to catch the eye.


With a plasma TV, wifi, fully air-conditioned cabins, private attached bathrooms, a writing desk, a big window, wardrobe and soft comfortable beds, The Golden Chariot Train is the perfect place to unwind. And when you want to relieve your stress, there is a well-equipped wellness centre where guests can enjoy a soothing spa and undertake relaxing Ayurvedic massages. While the train chugs away to its next stop, guests can let go of all the tension and feel recharged for the upcoming adventures only at Arogaya.


Let the Golden Chariot’s expert planners, tour guides and staff take care of the day’s itinerary as you simply live in the moment and capture the beauty of each heritage site and architectural marvel. More than the brilliant works of arts that you’ll get to witness on this luxury train trip, it is the wilds of South India that offer such a refreshing retreat. Whether it is enjoying a jungle safari at Bandipur National park or floating on a gorgeous houseboat on the serene waters of Kumarakom or taking a walk amidst the greenery of Chikmagalur, this trip is rife with exciting activities that will bring you closer to nature and appreciate all its glory in real form.

Travelling on one of the top luxury trains in India is not just about being treated like royalty and visiting select destinations. It is a wholesome experience that replenishes your mind, body and soul. While the list of luxury trains in India includes many spectacular trains, no journey captures the true essence of South India quite like The Golden Chariot Train. Being the most luxurious train in India, The Golden Chariot Train embodies everything the Deccan is proud of – a rich history, a splendid legacy and abundant nature. To book a magical retreat on this unique train and avail exciting offers up for grabs for both Indian Nationals & others, visit website.

*The above details/itinerary/destination are subject to change. Please refer Golden Chariot’s official website i.e. for more information.

Book the Royal Express Train, Golden Chariot at an Unbelievable Price

A journey through India’s most stunning palaces and heritage sites set to the soundtrack of an ever-moving train; travelling on the royal express train, the Golden Chariot is something you do only once in a lifetime! Crisscrossing through the enthralling locales of South India, this train takes you on the ambitious task of packing in all the significant tourist destinations while letting the guests feel like they are travelling at a leisurely pace. Exquisitely decorated like a royal chariot, each guest carriage is a work of art that will take you back in time as you admire the painstaking attention to detail. The pinnacle of luxury train travel in India, the Golden Chariot can now be booked at a never before price! Want to know how? Read about the exclusive offers below.

Special Offer for Booking Season 2020-2021

What if we told you that you can get aboard The Golden Chariot train India and live like royalty without spending a ton of money? We, at The Golden Chariot Train are currently running an exclusive offer wherein guests can avail a discounted tariff of just Rs. 59,999 for a part journey of 3 days and 2 nights. This one is truly a steal deal, isn’t it? Here is how you can grab this amazing deal.

  • Start by clicking on the ‘Book Now’ tab in the top right corner of the Golden Chariot official website i.e.
  • Then, in the ‘Reserve Your Tour’ section, select a 3 days and 2 nights journey of ‘Pride of Karnataka’ or ‘Jewels of South’ from package tours.
  • Fill in the rest of the information like departure date, number of rooms, boarding and deboarding stations, cabin type and number of adults/children.
  • Once you click on ‘proceed’ and select the preferred mode of payment, the discounted tariff will automatically be applied and you can go ahead with the booking using your IRCTC account or through guest login.


Itinerary Special tariff for 3D/2N on twin sharing basis in INR Special tariff for 3D/2N on single supplement in INR
Pride of Karnataka 59,999 49,999
Jewels of South 59,999 49,999

Please note that this special offer is valid for the two mentioned itineraries only i.e. ‘Pride of Karnataka (7D/6N)’ and ‘Jewels of South (7D/6N)’ and it can be availed by booking directly from The Golden Chariot luxury train team or online as stated in the steps above. Furthermore, this exciting offer is valid for the season 2020-2021 only and GST as applicable will be charged extra. Worried about your safety while travelling? You need not be as The Golden Charriot’s expert staff will ensure that all safety precautions are followed religiously so that guests can enjoy their trip worry-free. And this is not all. There are two more equally exciting offers for the seasons 2020-2021, 2021-2022 and 2022-23 that are sure to appeal to your traveller’s heart. Want to know more about these interesting offers? Click here. Fulfill your lifelong dream of travelling in a royal express train and experience the pleasures of indulgence like never before! Discover South India and beyond in true regal style and come back with a bag full of unique experiences, sights, sounds and cherished memories.

*The above details/itinerary/destination are subject to change. Please refer Golden Chariot’s official website i.e. for more information.

Golden Chariot’s Best South India Tour Packages by Train

If silvery beaches, picturesque landscapes, monumental wonders, spectacular palaces and divine temples fit into your idea of a perfect tropical holiday, then we present to you The Golden Chariot’s “South-India-Tour-Packages-by-Train“. The peninsular region of the Indian subcontinent makes for an exceptional travel destination with its marvellous ruins of ancient dynasties, historical treasures, spectacular coastline, varied culinary delights and diverse culture. This calm land of Ayurveda and coconuts can be best explored with a South India luxury train tour package.


  1. Pride of Karnataka with Goa: A pleasurable 7 days and 6 nights journey across the beautiful state of Karnataka becomes even more special on a deluxe tourist train like The Golden Chariot. Starting from Bengaluru, this journey will take you to the most exciting tourist attractions in Bandipur, Mysore, Halebidu, Chikamgaluru, Hampi and Badami. The final destination of this charming trip is the state of sea, sun and sand, everyone’s favourite Goa. This wholesome itinerary includes exciting activities like evening jungle safaris, visits to striking palaces, trips to soothing plantations, day excursions to heritage sites, going to ancient temples, museums and lots more. By including so many different colours and aspects of South India, this journey ensures that you get a wholesome and fulfilling travel experience.
  2. Jewels of South: Another 7 days and 6 nights journey starting from Bengaluru, this one takes tourists across Mysore, Hampi, Mahabalipuram, Thanjavur and Chettinad, Cochin and Kumarakom before completing a full circle. With destinations from three different South Indian states, this itinerary brings together the varied flavours of the Deccan creating an extraordinary experience. Tourists on this journey can enjoy sightseeing at renowned monuments and palaces, visit archaic heritage spots, paying respects at renowned and revered temples, lunches at exclusive venues, cultural performances, cruise on the calming backwaters and optional excursions among other things.
  3. Glimpses of Karnataka: Although a short trip doesn’t do justice to the myriad attractions of South India, the ‘Glimpses of Karnataka’ comes quite close to it. A 4 days and 3 nights journey, it includes only the most unmissable experiences at destinations like Bandipur, Mysore and Hampi. Representing adventure, royalty and heritage respectively, these places beautifully display the essence of South India. Also, the most pocket-friendly South India tour package by The Golden Chariot, it is perfect for extended weekend getaways. This fun-filled itinerary includes a game drive at Bandipur National Park followed by a visit to the awe-inspiring Mysore Palace and sightseeing at the UNESCO World Heritage Site at Hampi along with a host of cultural activities and entertaining performances. Guests can also choose optional excursions to Srirangapatnam and Anegundi if they desire.

The Golden Chariot is South India’s very own luxury train, a royal experience that goes beyond an ordinary train ride. Taking guests to timeless historical heritage sites, resplendent palaces, exotic wildlife sanctuaries and renowned temples, it offers an opportunity to travel back in time to the land of tropical treasures. Make your South India tour the most cherished memory of your life by getting on The Golden Chariot train. A train that will instantly transport you to the glittering world of Mysore kings and queens with its elegant decor, outstanding services and impeccable hospitality. Want to know more about this legendary train? Read this article by clicking here. For more information on South India tour packages, visit

Read more about: “Cost of Golden Chariot Train

Redefining Luxury Trains in India with The Golden Chariot Train

There are several luxury trains in India, each one promising to be better than the other. But how many luxury trains have you heard of that capture the magical beauty of Southern India? Or those that actually allow you to live, even if it’s for a few days, the life of a yesteryear royalty both literally and figuratively? Moments spent on The Golden Chariot Train are a lot about these two things and more. It’s a train that’s redefining luxury train travel in India. So, fulfill your dreamy and luxurious travel goals by joining us aboard The Golden Chariot Train.
Luxury Trains in India
But first, let’s explore the train’s two unique aspects that’s making it stand out from the rest. 

  1. The Undiscovered South on the Rail: At the break of dawn, a sage walks inside the temple complex in Mahabalipuram to seek blessings from the deity at the Shore temple. At the same time, a fisherman casts a fishing net in the calm backwaters of Kerala in Kumarakom. Just as the sun sets over the horizon, the royal palace in Karnataka is brilliantly illuminated, highlighting every intricate detail of the grand architectural marvel that is Mysore Palace. South India gently reveals its boundless natural beauty, cultural diversity and architectural splendour. The Golden Chariot Train, oozing with royal vintage charm, chose the wedge-shaped heartland of India and is till today the only luxury tourist train that offers an unforgettable journey of the South. With wildlife sanctuaries, archaeological treasures, golden sandy beaches, extravagant mansions and palm-fringed ways added to its itinerary, prepare yourself to witness South India like never before with The Golden Chariot Train,
  2. All-inclusive Journeys: As the sun goes down, a happy tourist makes his way back to one of the most luxurious trains in India, The Golden Chariot Train. A cacophony of playful noises can be heard emerging from the train’s grandiose lounge Madira. At the same time, peace, tranquility and quietude can be felt emanating from another part of the train that houses Arogya, an ayurvedic health and wellness centre onboard. The myriad colours of the train and exceptional experiences offered in each segment truly redefines luxury travel in India. And there is no better way to break the monotony of routine and truly rejuvenate than by exploring a new destination while travelling in the lap of luxury. A luxury vacation can be one of the most experiential trips you could undertake. In fact, the experience of travelling in a luxury train in India comes at a cost that doesn’t fit most pockets. But with an aim to make vip train travel in India more accessible to tourists, the Golden Chariot Train tour packages are very reasonably priced. For exclusive offers, please visit the offer section on our official website. After all, why should such an amazing experience be available for a select few. Despite offering such an exclusive treatment and services fit for a royal, The Golden Chariot has managed to garner a mass appeal. The services include a round-the-clock personal valet, exclusive tours of the monuments & destinations on the itinerary, transfers in luxury AC coaches/cars, professional guide, all meals, accommodation and security onboard. 

There are numerous luxury trains from Delhi that traverse the well-known tourist circuits in India but there is only one Golden Chariot Train, that starts from Bengaluru in karnataka and take the guests on a unique journey to give them a taste of the very best of South India at an affordable price. Everything about this trip, from the train’s historically named coaches to the hand-picked destinations, is a celebration of the South! So, come be a part of this unique & unforgettable journey on this luxury train in India, by clicking here.

How to Get Your Hands on a Golden Chariot Luxury Train Ticket

Getting your hands on a Golden Chariot luxury train ticket is an amazing feeling. We all have read about the extravagant lives of Indian royalty and we are just in awe of it all. So, finally getting a chance to experience this grandeur, first hand, seems like a pinch-me moment. But that’s the beauty of The Golden Chariot Train. It gives regular people an opportunity to feel and live like royalty without stretching their finances thin. Once you look at the kind of facilities available on board, the Golden Chariot luxury train rates will seem puny in comparison.

The monotony of everyday life can get to any of us. And the best way to refuel your energy and revive your soul is to embark on an exciting journey full of unexpected moments and experiences that are beyond the everyday. If you think the time is right for the most beautiful holiday of your life, then this is what you need to do.

  1. To get started, visit the official Golden Chariot website i.e. For authentic information, you must depend only on our official website.
  2. Once you land on the home screen, click on the ‘Book Now’ button that appears on the top right corner of the page.
  3. You will arrive on the ‘Reserve Your Tour’ page where you will have to enter the package tour you wish to book, the number of rooms and departure date. After this step, you will have to select the cabin type and also specify the number of adults and kids that will be undertaking this journey with you.
  4. Then click on the ‘proceed’ button and a pop-up window will appear on your screen with ‘Reserve Your Tour Terms’. Do read the terms carefully and if you are satisfied, you can go ahead with the next step.
  5. Select your preferred mode of payment which can be INR or US dollars to move to the next step. Before you choose an option, you can check the Golden Chariot fare in rupees as well as US dollars here.
  6. As soon as you choose a payment mode, you will be presented with a daywise as well as full itinerary along with a review of your booking.
  7. If everything is to your satisfaction, you can click on proceed and if you are an IRCTC user, then you can log into your account using the existing credentials to complete the process.
  8. However, if you do not have an IRCTC account, you can create a guest account and then enter all traveller details in order to move ahead with your bookings.
  9. After you submit all the details and complete the payment process, you will receive a confirmation of your booking.

And we’re sure that the confirmation message will bring a huge smile on your face! After all, the golden chariot train ticket cost is nothing in comparison to the priceless memories you will make during this journey. Before you book, don’t forget to check our offers section and you may find a little surprise to make your journey even better!

For further information and assistance, please feel free to reach out to us at  or call us at +91 8595931021.

What is the fare/tariff of The Golden Chariot luxury train?

The Golden Chariot train in India has been honoured with Asia’s leading luxury train award. This recognition isn’t surprising if we look at the kind of extraordinary experience this train offers its guests. While some might think that the Golden Chariot luxury train fare is exorbitant, we assure you that the train experience is well worth its cost. In fact, a journey on the world-class Golden Chariot Train is priceless because it will take you the most valuable gems of South India through a train ride that is every bit fantastic. With three different circuits, the train gives tourists an opportunity to select a tour of their choice. The ‘Pride of Karnataka with Goa’ package is priced at USD 4200 per person on twin sharing basis for a 7 days/6 nights journey. If you’re looking for a single supplement room, it will cost you an additional USD 3150. While the ‘Jewels of South’ package is similarly priced, the ‘Glimpses of Karnataka’ package is much more affordable at just USD 2400 per person on twin sharing basis for a 4 days/ 3 nights journey. A single supplement will cost an additional USD 1800. The Golden Chariot train fare in Indian rupee will look like this: ‘Pride of Karnataka with Goa’ and ‘Jewels of South’ – Rs. 2,99,130 for deluxe cabin on twin sharing. Single supplement can be availed at an additional Rs. 2,24,350.

‘Glimpses of Karnataka’ – Rs. 1,70,930 for deluxe cabin on twin sharing. Single supplement at an additional cost Rs. 1,28,200. Keep in mind that prices are subject to change in case of any change/amendment in The Golden Chariot route and GST will be charged additionally. These prices are applicable per person per journey on twin sharing basis only. For a detailed break-up of the Golden Chariot train fare in rupees, you can visit

Ready to book this once in a lifetime journey? Here’s what you’ve to do. To get started, visit Click on ‘Book Now’ which appears in the top right section of the screen. Once the ‘Reserve Your Tour’ window is displayed, select the package tour you want from ‘Pride of Karnataka with Goa’, ‘Glimpses of Karnataka’ and ‘Jewels of South’.. Then choose a suitable departure date and after that select the number of rooms you want to book. Go on to choose cabin type from ‘deluxe cabin twin’ and ‘deluxe cabin double’. Finally enter the number of adults and children, if any. Once you click on proceed, ‘Reserve Your Tour Terms’ pop-up window will appear on the screen. Read it carefully and specify the currency you will use to complete payment. After this step, a day-wise and full itinerary will be presented so that you can be prepared for the tour. Once you’re satisfied with the details of your tour, click on ‘proceed’ and log in to your IRCTC account.

If you’re not an existing IRCTC user, you can just enter your email id and mobile number in the guest user section. This will be followed by a ‘passenger information’ page where you have to fill in relevant details as per your passport. You can also specify the source of information through which you heard about The Golden Chariot Train. Once you accept the terms & conditions and confirm all the details, you can make the payment in part or full according to your convenience. Complete this final step to enter the fascinating world of The Golden Chariot Train, an enchanting world of panoramic views and mesmerizing palaces. And if you want to check the Golden Chariot luxury train fare once again, you can do it easily at