Unveiling the Treasures of South India: A Golden Chariot Itinerary

The Golden Chariot itinerary promises an unforgettable voyage through the timeless wonders of South India, immersing travelers in the rich tapestry of Karnataka’s cultural heritage. As the train glides gracefully along its iconic route, passengers are treated to a curated selection of heritage sites, each unveiling the hidden treasures of this enchanting region.

The journey begins in Bangaluru, the bustling capital of Karnataka, where passengers board the luxurious Golden Chariot train. From there, the adventure unfolds as the train embarks on its meticulously planned itinerary, weaving through picturesque landscapes and iconic landmarks.

One of the highlights of the Golden Chariot itinerary is a visit to Hampi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a testament to the grandeur of the Vijayanagara Empire. Here, passengers are transported back in time as they explore the ancient ruins, majestic temples, and intricate stone carvings that dot the landscape. Hampi’s rich history and architectural marvels leave an indelible impression on travelers, offering a glimpse into India’s glorious past.

Another gem along the Golden Chariot route is the awe-inspiring Belur and Halebidu temples, renowned for their exquisite Hoysala architecture. These intricately carved temples, dedicated to Hindu deities, are a testament to the craftsmanship and devotion of the artisans who built them. As passengers marvel at the intricate sculptures and ornate pillars, they are transported to a realm of divine beauty and spiritual significance.

No Golden Chariot itinerary would be complete without a visit to Mysore, the cultural capital of Karnataka. Here, passengers are treated to a royal experience as they explore the opulent Mysore Palace, a symbol of the city’s rich heritage and regal splendor. The palace’s stunning architecture, lavish interiors, and priceless artifacts offer a glimpse into the grandeur of India’s princely past.

In addition to these iconic landmarks, the Golden Chariot itinerary also includes stops at lesser-known gems, such as the serene coffee plantations of Chikkamgaluru, Fort Cochin, etc. Each destination offers a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and spiritual significance, providing passengers with a comprehensive glimpse into the diverse tapestry of South India.

Throughout the journey, passengers are pampered with luxurious accommodations, exquisite dining experiences, and personalized service, ensuring a truly memorable travel experience. As the Golden Chariot winds its way through Karnataka’s cultural heartland, it unveils the treasures of Karnataka tourism in all their splendor, leaving travelers with memories to last a lifetime.

The Golden Chariot itinerary offers a mesmerizing journey through South India’s heritage sites, showcasing the rich cultural heritage and architectural wonders of South India. From ancient temples and majestic palaces to historic towns, each stop along the route reveals a new facet of this enchanting region, inviting travelers to embark on a voyage of discovery and delight. So, pack your backs and start exploring heritage sites across South India on the Golden Chariot route and enjoy the best of Karnataka tourism. Book today on www.goldenchariot.org.


Beyond the Rails: Experiencing Culture, Heritage, and Adventure with the Golden Chariot

Indulge in a voyage of discovery and delight as you journey beyond the rails with the Golden Chariot, exploring the vibrant culture, rich heritage, and thrilling adventures of Southern India. This iconic luxury train travel experience promises an unforgettable journey through the heartland of Karnataka, unveiling a tapestry of cultural wonders and scenic splendor along the Golden Chariot itinerary.

Step aboard the Golden Chariot and prepare to be transported to a realm of opulence and elegance. From the moment you embark, you are enveloped in luxury, with plush accommodations, gourmet dining, and impeccable service at your fingertips. As the train glides gracefully along its route, you are treated to panoramic views of Southern India’s picturesque landscapes, passing verdant hills, shimmering rivers, and quaint villages along the way.

But the true magic of the Golden Chariot lies beyond the rails, where cultural immersion and adventure await at every turn. Explore the ancient ruins of Hampi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a testament to the grandeur of the Vijayanagara Empire. Marvel at the intricate stone carvings and majestic temples that dot the landscape, transporting you back in time to a bygone era of splendor and intrigue.

For those who opt for the ‘Pride of Karnataka’, Continue your journey to Belur and Halebidu, where you can admire the exquisite Hoysala architecture of the region’s iconic temples. Each intricately carved sculpture and ornate pillar tells a story of devotion and craftsmanship, offering a glimpse into the spiritual and artistic heritage of Southern India.

As the sun sets on another day of exploration, retire to the luxurious confines of the Golden Chariot, where you can unwind and reflect on the day’s adventures. Savor delectable cuisine inspired by the flavors of Southern India, accompanied by fine wines and attentive service that epitomize the essence of luxury train travel. Choose from 3 bespoke Golden Chariot itineraries:

  • Pride of Karnataka (6 Days/ 5 Nights)
    Bengaluru – Nanjangud – Mysuru – Halebidu – Chikkamagaluru – Hospet – Goa – Bengaluru
  • Jewels of South (6 Days/ 5 Nights)
    Bengaluru – Mysuru – Kanchipuram – Mahabalipuram – Thanjavur – Chettinad/Karaikudi – Cochin – Cherthala/Maraikulam – Bengaluru
  • Glimpses of Karnataka (4 Days/ 3 Nights)
    Bengaluru – Nanjangud – Mysuru – Hospet – Bengaluru

Train travel in India has truly been transformed with luxury train travel experiences like these. The Golden Chariot offers more than just a mode of transportation, it is a gateway to a world of culture, heritage, and adventure in Southern India. Whether you’re exploring ancient temples, embarking on thrilling excursions, or simply enjoying the comforts of the train, the Golden Chariot promises an unparalleled journey that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime. To book your Golden Chariot Itinerary today, visit the official website on www.goldenchariot.org.


Golden Chariot Itineraries to Consider for Your Next Luxury Holiday

Whether you are looking to create new memories, discover new cultures, capture breathtaking sights, or just have a relaxing and fun holiday, a Golden Chariot itinerary might be what you need.

The Golden Chariot is renowned all over the world as one of the finest luxury trains. You may have learned about The Golden Chariot on National Geographic. The lavish passenger cabins with attached bathrooms, WiFi and AC, attention to detail in the decor, a diverse and exquisite menu, and the one-of-a-kind spa cum fitness center on the train make us feel more like a castle on track rather than just another train.

But what truly draws attention are our itineraries, each crafted to showcase the finest of South India and ensure a memorable experience for our passengers.

Pride Of Karnataka

As you may guess from the name, Pride Of Karnataka is a Karantaka-centric itinerary that takes you to some of the finest landmarks of the state over the duration of six days and five nights. Though an excursion to Goa is also part of the package towards the end of the journey.

The journey starts and ends in Bangaluru, taking you on an exciting evening safari in the Bandipur National Park, a visit to the Mysore Palace, a visit to Srirangapatnam (optional), a trip to Halebidu, a pleasant evening tour of a coffee plantation at Chikmagalur, sightseeing of the Hampi ruins and excursion to the beautiful churches of North Goa.

The journey is filled with stunning and soothing sights that stay with you and an exploration into the rich history and heritage of the southern state.

Jewels Of South

The Jewels Of South has a wider scope than the previous Golden Chariot itinerary, covering three South Indian states: Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala. The journey gives you a better grasp of the vast and diverse heritage of the area with cultural influences from many dynasties with political links to the East and the West.

The journey starts and ends in Bangaluru, taking you to Mysore Palace, Kanchipuram (optional), the Mahabalipuram monuments, the Athnagudi tile factory, Chettinad mansions, the Matancherry Palace in Fort Cochin, Chinese Fishing Nets (optional), St. Francis Church (optional)  and a houseboat cruise in an exclusive place in Chertala/Maraikulam with lunch.

Over the course of six days and five nights, you get to witness some of the most breathtaking sights of the region and a glimpse of the region’s diverse culture.

Glimpses Of Karnataka

One wouldn’t be wrong to think of Glimpses Of Karnataka as a slightly shorter version of the first itinerary, lasting four days and three nights and with some destinations and activities removed. But it is still an ideal program for tourists who want to focus on the best of Karnataka rather than go in depth.

This journey also starts and ends in the city of Bengaluru. The destinations included on The Golden Chariot Train route map are Bandipur National Park, Mysore Palace, Srirangapatnam (optional), and Hampi.

In a few days, you get to explore the state’s rich wildlife and the rich heritage including the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hampi.


Here’s the fare of Golden Chariot for 2023-24 & 2024-25 in INR and USD:

  Pride of Karnataka

(5 Nights/6 Days)

Glimpses of Karnataka

(3 Nights/4 Days)

Jewels of South

(5 Nights/6 Days)

Deluxe Cabin INR 398160

USD 4740

INR 265440

USD 3160

INR 398160

USD 4740

Single Supplement INR 299040

USD 3560

INR 199080

USD 2370

INR 299040

USD 3560

Government taxes will be added as applicable. Be sure to check www.goldenchariot.org to look out for price changes, terms and conditions, and other information or to book your slot before it’s taken.

Can’t wait to embark on this exciting journey with your loved ones? Choose an itinerary that catches your fancy and head to the official website right away and book a journey that will leave you with memories of a lifetime!