Taking Indian Railway Travel to New Heights with IRCTC’s Golden Chariot Train

Indian Railways, known for its vast network and iconic trains, has taken a significant leap forward in luxury travel since the introduction of the Golden Chariot Train. Owned by Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation (KSTDC) and operated by Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited(IRCTC), it is a unique train that has made its way to every luxury tourist’s bucket list. This opulent train promises to redefine the experience of exploring South India by offering a unique blend of heritage, culture, and luxury.

The Golden Chariot Train, inspired by the rich heritage and architectural marvels of South India, is a symbol of opulence and grandeur. It takes passengers on an unforgettable journey through some of the most captivating destinations in Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Goa. The train itself is a work of art, adorned with intricate carvings, luxurious interiors, and modern amenities that ensure a comfortable and indulgent travel experience. The decor of the coaches is inspired by the magnificent palaces and temples of the region, showcasing intricate designs and rich colors that transport passengers to a bygone era of royalty and grandeur.

One of the highlights of traveling on the Golden Chariot Train is the meticulously curated itineraries that allow passengers to immerse themselves in the vibrant culture and history of South India. From visiting UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Hampi and Mahabalipuram to exploring the lush coffee plantations of Chikmagalur and experiencing the serenity of the backwaters in Kerala, each destination offers a unique and enriching experience.

Culinary delights are an integral part of the Golden Chariot experience. The train boasts two fine-dining restaurants, Nalapaka and Ruchi, which offer a delectable array of Indian and international cuisines. Passengers can savor the flavors of South India, known for its rich spices and aromatic dishes while enjoying the regal ambiance of the dining cars.

To ensure that the journey is not just about sightseeing but also about relaxation and rejuvenation, the Golden Chariot Train offers a range of wellness facilities. The train includes a spa, Arogya, where passengers can indulge in rejuvenating therapies and massages, as well as a well-equipped gym for fitness enthusiasts. These amenities allow passengers to unwind and revitalize themselves after a day of exploring captivating destinations.

The Golden Chariot Train is not just a means of transportation; it is an experience that combines luxury, heritage, and impeccable service. The staff on board are trained to provide personalized service and ensure that every need of the passengers is taken care of. Their warm hospitality and attention to detail add an extra touch of grandeur to the journey, making it truly memorable.

IRCTC’s Golden Chariot Train has elevated the standard of luxury train travel in India. It has opened up a world of opulence and splendor for those seeking a unique and unforgettable experience. By combining the rich heritage of South India with modern comforts and amenities, this train offers a glimpse into the royal past while providing the luxuries of the present.

Whether you are a history enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply someone who appreciates the finer things in life, the Golden Chariot Train promises an extraordinary journey through the majestic landscapes and cultural treasures of South India. Embark on this enchanting voyage and let the Golden Chariot take you to new heights of luxury and exploration. If you want to experience the best Indian railway travel, then look no further than the Golden Chariot Train. This Bangalore to Hampi train will take you on a memorable escapade, leaving you with beautiful memories of a lifetime. Want to know more about this royal express train and railway tour packages? Visit the official website at www.goldenchariot.org.

Embark on a Luxury Train Journey to Hampi & Explore the ‘Jewels of South’ with The Golden Chariot

One of the most significant archaeological sites in India, Hampi has caught the fancy of many historians and backpackers. If you wish to undertake a luxury train journey to Hampi, then get onboard The Golden Chariot Train and explore the wonders of South India like never before!

Jewels of South (7 Days/ 6 Nights)

As the name suggests, this mesmerising itinerary takes tourists on a thrilling adventure across some of South India’s most popular destinations. Let’s take a look at these places in a little more detail.

  • Bangalore: Starting the train journey from Bangalore, The Golden Chariot Train keeps up a slow rhythmic pace, giving travellers ample opportunity to enjoy the spellbinding views from inside the train.
  • Mysore: The first destination on this charming train ride is the historic ‘City of Palaces’, Mysore. With its dazzling royal heritage, intricate architectural monuments and famous silk sarees; it is one of the most interesting tourist sites in India. A must-visit destination is the Mysore Palace, a spectacularly opulent structure displaying Indo-Saracenic architecture. The brilliance of this palace becomes tenfold more exciting during Dussehra celebrations when it is beautifully lit up with lights making for a visual treat. After giving you a fill of this royal paradise, the luxury train journey proceeds to its next destination, which is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of
  • Hampi: The former capital of the Vijayanagar Empire, nestled in the depth of hills and valleys, Hampi is bound to capture your attention with its captivating ruins. A walk around this open art museum with its long lost temples, ancient monuments and hidden treasures is a historian’s dream come true. After this walk down an era of glory and grandeur, guests can opt for an excursion to Anegundi followed by a relishing meal on the train or can return to the train to indulge in some me time by either sipping some interesting cocktails in our well-decorated bar Madira or undergoing a refreshing massage at our charming onboard ayurvedic spa- Aarogya.
  • Mahabalipuram: On the third day of this beautiful journey, the train reaches Chengalpattu railway station so that guests can visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Shore Temple. This former abode of the demon king Mahabali captures every traveller’s heart with its serene atmosphere, white sandy beaches lined with casuarina trees and the renowned rock-cut temples.
  • Thanjavur & Chettinad: Guests can lose themselves in this city of temples and a sea of cultural treasures while walking through the lanes of Thanjavur, admiring the famous Tanjore paintings, antiques, handicrafts, textiles, temples and carnatic musical instruments. The Brihadeswara temple with its gorgeous Dravidian architecture is sure to leave an indelible mark on your travel memories. Chettinad with its larger-than-life mansions and mouth-watering cuisine is equally delightful.
  • Cochin: A cosmopolitan town with upscale markets, quiet beaches, art galleries tucked away in corners and magnificent temples, Cochin is the true amalgamation of vintage and modern. Also known as ‘Queen of the Arabian’, it is an important port city. The Golden Chariot Train guests can visit the Mattancherry Palace in Fort Cochin followed by witnessing a wonderful dance performance at an exclusive venue. They can also opt for an excursion to see the famous Chinese fishing nets and St. Francis Church or simply enjoy some quiet time on the train.
  • Kumarakom: India’s very own ‘Little Venice’, Kumakarom is a favourite haunt among nature enthusiasts. In the final leg of the journey, guests can retreat in this natural haven and enjoy a cruise on its soothing backwaters. After a fulfilling day of scenic views and pure bliss, the train will proceed towards Bangalore.

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*The above details/itinerary/destination are subject to change. Please refer Golden Chariot’s official website i.e. www.goldenchariot.org for more information.