Fall in Love with Indian Railway Travel All Over Again by Booking a Journey on The Golden Chariot Train

A quintessential Indian experience, travelling by train is a childhood memory for most of us hold dearly to our hearts. Whether it was visiting your maternal grandmother during the summer vacation or going on a holiday with the entire family, trains were always central to holiday plans. As India’s rail network is one of the largest and busiest train networks in the world, train travel is an excellent way to explore different parts of the country. To take Indian railway travel a few notches up, luxury train travel was introduced in India. A game-changer in every way. A trend that is here to stay, especially now that slow travel is the next big thing.
Slow Travel: The Ultimate Trend of 2021
Inspired by the old adage of enjoying the journey as much as the destination, slow travel is a fast-growing concept in the tourism industry. Following a leisurely-paced, quality-centric itinerary, slow travel enables tourists to make deeper connections with the destinations. As opposed to hopscotching to a number of varied places, slow travel is all about spending a significant span of time at one destination and soaking up its vibe, culture, heritage and cuisine to the fullest. If the growing ethos of slow travel and slow, immersive experiences appeal to your travel-bitten soul, here’s presenting the perfect example of the same- The Golden Chariot Train journey.
Embrace Slow Travel with The Golden Chariot Train
When slow travel and luxury train travel come together, the result culminates into a journey that offers experience beyond your dreams. Taking luxury train travel in India to greater heights, The Golden Chariot Train is a lot more than a simple mode of transportation, it is a world of its own. Designed and decorated like the palaces of a bygone era, it offers guests an escape from their mundane routine into a whole new universe where luxury abounds and grandeur is the norm. Here are a few highlights of The Golden Chariot Train that make it a one-of-a-kind tain journey.
Exclusive Features
2 aesthetically decorated restaurants named Nalapaka and Ruchi
1 elegant lounge bar named Madira
1 exquisite spa and wellness centre named Arogya
Comfortable guest carriages inspired by Karnataka’s glorious empires & dynasties
Television, infotainment system and electronic safe in every cabin

2 Well-planned & Unique Journeys
Pride of Karnataka with Goa (7Days/ 6 Nights)
Jewels of South (7Days/ 6 Nights)

Remarkable Services
Services of an experienced tour director
Excursions in air-conditioned buses
Round-the-clock valet service
Paramedic services onboard
24*7 security with guards, cameras and smoke detectors
Central air-conditioning and complimentary Wifi
Imbibing the concept of slow travel, The Golden Chariot Train journeys are not just about visiting a destination, these journeys are also about understanding South India, getting familiar with places, the people, their traditions, culture and falling in love with travel all over again! It is about fostering a bond with your surroundings and your travel companions. It is about coming back home with a pocket full of heartwarming memories. To experience the best of Indian railway travel, book your journey on The Golden Chariot tours and travels, Mysore. For details on itineraries, visit website.