The Essentials of Luxury Train Travel in India

India is a country of great contrast and diversity. While on the one hand, we have jam-packed trains speeding along the tracks that are boarded by daily commuters, on the other hand we have unique luxury trains suspended in time that are an epitome of elegance and elan. Although train travel in India has a long history dating back to the 18th century, luxury train travel is a comparatively newer concept that is slowly making a bit of resurgence in the country. And why not! The leading luxury trains in India are the best way to explore this land of mystical beauty in an unhurried fashion. One such train is The Golden Chariot Train, an extraordinary beauty that helps guests in unraveling the splendour of South India. Let’s take a look at some of the essential features of Luxury-Train-Travel-in-India and how The Golden Chariot incorporates them seamlessly.

  • Regal Stay on the Rail: Luxury train travel is centred around giving guests the most lavish and comfortable travel experience possible. A beautifully designed tourist train such as The Golden Chariot Train is well-equipped with 18 luxury coaches that house everything from comfortable en-suite bathrooms to elegant fine dining restaurants and bar & lounge areas. Not only this the luxury train also sports an ayurvedic spa, a fly functional gym, and a compact business centre. The train furnishings are distinctly South Indian in flavour, inspired from the life of the erstwhile royals and giving guests a fleeting impression of travelling in glamorous palaces.
  • Butlers & Silverware: Food forms an integral part of any journey, especially luxury holidays that are curated for indulgence. On The Golden Chariot Train, we ensure that every meal served is an enjoyable experience with the chef preparing decadent delights that are warm, comforting and absolutely delicious. The guests can choose to dine in either of the two multi-cuisine restaurants onboard, Ruchi and Nalapaka. The train also features an exclusive lounge bar called ‘Madira’ that is a dedicated space for relaxing with a glass of wine or just enjoying a fun activity with your travel companion.
  • Red Carpets & Warm Welcomes: India is well-known for its hospitality and nothing says royal better than a red carpet welcome. Prepare to be serenaded by an enthusiastic welcome by the smiling and friendly staff of The Golden Chariot Train. The Indian tradition of honouring guests with fresh flower garlands and a tikka on the forehead has a distinct style and revered world over for its uniqueness. This larger-than-life welcome sets the tone for the entire journey wherein the guess are treated no less than the royalty.
  • Royal Sites & Unforgettable Memories: From the magnificent structure of the Mysore Palace to the grand historical ruins of Hampi, The Golden Chariot Train journeys offer a peek into exotic destinations and stunning locales. As the only luxury train in South India, The Golden Chariot Train is perfect for those who want to explore the coastal areas and soak in the royal history and heritage of the great Deccan. Showcasing the historical and cultural pedigree of the country, this luxurious train service takes tourists to amazing heritage sites past some stunning scenery on the way.

Luxury train travel in India is gaining immense popularity as it offers exclusive, bespoke experiences that can’t be found elsewhere. It adds a whole new dimension to railway travel across India and the services offered onboard these trains make them stand out. Want to experience for yourself? Check out exciting offers that are currently available for The Golden Chariot Train by clicking here and plan your next luxurious getaway.